Experience of implementations

Story of BTL Africa

BTL Africa is the fastest growing experiential agency in Africa. The company has been built on innovation, proactivity and speed. They identified digital and artificial intelligence as two technologies the agency could use to bring chemistry between customers and brands. Therefore company decided to invest in an artificial intelligence robot.

Story of Macco Robotics

Macco Robotics are Promobot official partners since 2017. They are engaged in service robotics, rent it out, successfully work in the market with a variety of brands. But Promobot robots, they say, the best in quality.

Story of the Museum of Automotive Art

The Automobile Art Museum bought robots to attract customers. The museum itself is innovative, but one of the floors is dedicated exclusively to robotics. Smart robots, robots-guides who fully answer the questions of people and communicate with them, detect human facial expressions, recognize those who came before, joke and, undoubtedly, attract people. All the robots were given names.