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Robotics is one of the most promising areas of business. СToday robots are used in a variety of industries: medicine, industrial field, and even everyday life. Did you know that every fifth vacuum cleaner in the world is a robot?

And although, the markets of household and industrial robotics are already formed and taken, the market of service robotics is almost untouched. We still lack a good server or a manicure master, but robot-hostess, robot-consultant and the robot-museum-guide are already there, and they are manufactured by Promobot.

You do not have to invent your own robot to join the high-tech business. Promobot robots are in demand for rent and it can be a source of your income. The average daily rental price for the Promobot V.2 is $1000, for the Promobot V.4 is $2000.

Thus, you can buy a robot for use, and without any knowledge in the field of programming and engineering. You can rent it out and be involved in the emerging market.

By the way, you can find out about the experience of working using this business model in the section “Feedback and experience of implementations”.


Easy to use.
It does not require specific knowledge and a large team.

Low entry cost.
Promobot robots have an affordable price (Leave your contacts and we will send you the current price). By renting out the robots, the break-even point can be achieved quickly.

Mostly, the robot is rented for the weekend. Thus, you can work for two days a week and earn $8000 a month. And you have a lot of free time that you can devote to yourself, family, hobbies, and travelling.

Even if the robot is rented only 2-3 days a month, it will break-even in six months. Just by participating in a couple of events per month, in six months the robot will break-even and will start generating profit.

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