How to create movements for a robot

Each client of Promobot can “Motion studio service” It is an online service created by the developers of Promobot which allows a user to create moving scripts for the robot. It allows robot users to create their own scripts to control robot gestures, facial expressions and movement.

Anyone using this service is capable of creating a unique dance script or gesture movements when communicating or facial emotions when answering questions.

You do not need to have special skills to work with Motion studio service. It is enough to have access to this web service, design the script and upload it into the Promobot robot.

Elements of service:

    • TimeLine Panel
      The panel consists of several toggles, which are controls of the robot. You have to upload movement into the track, choose the timing, design, music, facial expressions and play it and edit each item as needed.
    • Robot Movement control panel: head, hands, torso
      Using this panel the user controls the main working parts of the robot and controls the movement of the robot.
    • 3D-model window
      Here the client can see how the robot works with the set parameters, as well as what the finished script looks like.
    • Facial emotions control
      The user controls the robot’s facial expressions during the script by adding animated images.
    • Adding a music track
      The user can choose a soundtrack for the movements: dances, movements, gestures.
    • Export of the script into the robot
    • You need to connect to the robot with a particular panel After finalizing the script. Then you need to transfer the script into the robot.

Connecting the Motion studio service will reveal the full potential of the Promobot robot by creating unique gestures and dances for your robot!

The service is available for the Promobot robot V 4.
More about Promobot V. 4

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