Promobot has more than 30 partners all over Russia. They rent out robots to various forums, events, exhibitions and opening ceremonies. Event organizers and marketers are aware of the robot’s benefits and often use them.

The average cost of rent per day is: $1000 for the second version of the Promobot and $2000 for the fourth version of the Promobot.

On average, robots are rented for 2-3 days, and the partners break-even within 2-3 months.

Of course, there is some seasonality: demand slightly goes down during the summer, but in the fall demand rises again.

Advertising agencies, organizers of exhibitions and events, large enterprises, and the city administration should know about you as the owner of the robot. And very soon the robot will pay off your expenses and begin to generate income.

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Participation in exhibitions, corporate events, holidays, and presentations is one of the most frequent and successful applications of our robots. Promobot is designed to work in crowded places, where it helps people with navigation, communicates and answers any questions, shows promotional materials, and remembers everyone with whom it communicated.

The robot is able to communicate, tell compliments and jokes, sing and dance, and increase customer loyalty. Promobot attracts the maximum audience to the company’s products and location. It removes a human from this process as a necessary component, because it works autonomously. When the robot is on, it will begin searching for people, thus inviting individuals to the booth to advise them on predetermined topics.

Today we have more than 30 partners across Russia who rent robots out to various forums, events, exhibitions, store opening ceremonies and other events for $1000-2000 a day.Given your experience in organizing events, it will not be hard for you to break-even by simply adding a robot to your offer.

Here is a story of our client – a marketing Agency from St. Petersburg.

It is also important to understand that due to the fact that service robots are a new technology, it is quite difficult to organize negotiations, calls, meetings, and presentations of the robot to the end user, and it is extremely difficult to sell it. That is why only a few people managed to do it successfully thus far. According to experience of other partners, I can say that without a robot this will not work.

This is due to the fact that since this market direction is new, it is difficult for people to comprehend this technology.

Without the purchase of the robot presentations can be ineffective and will disappoint you, but with the robot you can: firstly, make money off renting it and, secondly, improve the quality of your presentations to the end-user. Our experience with clients has shown that “live” demonstration of the robot’s capabilities increases the probability of a deal by 6.5 times!

When a potential client personally gets acquainted with the robot, shakes its hand, and gets complimented, it is easier for him/her to make a decision about partnership.

If you have previously uploaded a photo of the client to the robot and a couple of interesting facts about his/her company, the robot will greet the guest by name and ask about the successes in his/her field, which will further increase the probability of success of negotiations.

After the purchase of the robot and the signing of the partnership agreement, you will be able to negotiate with the customer on behalf of Promobot company, which will increase the trust of potential customers to you.

There are several partners in many cities, but one partner might have a Promobot V. 2, whereas the client needs, for instance, a Promobot V. 4. Or the robot can be unavailable for the required dates. Кстати, в России роботов Промобот четвертой версии не так много. Also, there are not many Promobots of the fourth version in Russia. For the Promobot V4, there will be an increase in demand for them in the market. Therefore, it can be used as your competitive advantage.

Comparison of Promobot V. 2 and Promobot V. 4

More about Promobot V. 4

Due to the fact that Promobot is a portfolio company of IIDF – Internet Initiatives Development Fund, prices, and discounts are determined by the Board of Directors of the company.

Discounts for the robot and additional options are provided for the second purchase and the following ones. Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide a discount for the first robot.

You can request the current price here.

  • Autonomous communication
    Promobot has a developed communication core: a huge linguistic database allows the robot to support a conversation about any topic, not only for pre-programmed questions and speech modules.

    Developed core of synonyms provides an opportunity to recognize a question regardless of the order of words in a sentence.

    Functionality of the additional phrases allows the robot to not only respond to a specific user’s request, but also to direct the dialogue in the right direction, make a good impression, and avoid pauses in the dialogue by adding compliments, questions, and jokes.

    Learn more about how the robot communicates

  • Autonomous movement
    Promobot is capable of moving independently throughout the room and within a given radius, it can avoid collisions, look for the charging station or find people, drive up to them and communicate with them. It “hears ” and “sees” a person it interacts with in a room with a high level of noise and poor lighting. Also, when the sensors signal indicates that a person is in close proximity, the robot freezes its hands until it is safe to proceed.

    How the robot moves is described in detail here.

  • Service support and warranty
    Many foreign products do not have representative offices and warranty services in Russia.

    The Promobot company offers its customers warranty service for one year and technical support for the entire time since the purchase of the robot. Technical support works 7 days a week and responds to requests promptly.

    In addition, we provide:
    1. Training and support from a qualified linguist regarding uploading information
    2. Regular free robot updates that improve its functions
    3. Developed cases of application.

As any other technology, robots have problems, but we are the largest manufacturer since 2015 and have produced several hundred robots and have accumulated experience. This allowed us to properly setup the production process and eliminate the majority of all possible failures. Now our equipment is one of the most reliable in the market. There are robots that have been working without failures for approximately 3 years.

You are provided with free technical support service throughout the life of the robot. This is a very convenient way of communication, which will become a unified access point for claims. When a request is received, it is promptly processed by a responsible employee.

We also guarantee a one-year warranty for each robot. If something happens to the robot during this year, we have the ability to remotely connect to the robot, diagnose, and fix the problems. In case of emergency, we receive a notification from the robot and find out about the failure even before the owner.

If we cannot remotely fix it, we send a specialist to take care of the problem. We can replace a robot in case of an extraordinary situation (that never happened to us but it is anticipated by our company). In order to speed up the repair process, the support experts can provide instructions on how to fix a particular mechanical problem and monitor the process. The warranty will not expire in that situation.

And most importantly, we are interested in the proper work of our robots as much as you do. Therefore, we will do our best to fix the problem as soon as possible.