How the robot moves

Promobot moves independently and does not require support by an employee. The robot moves within a given radius or on a constructed map. Thanks to the many sensors located around the perimeter of the hull, Promobot avoids collisions. With a low level of charge it drives up to the charging station. Also, during the move, it searches for people, drives up to them and begins to interact.

The robot has several modes of movement:

    • Automatic mode of movement

      In this mode, the robot randomly moves within a predetermined radius or according to the constructed map of the room.

      This mode is relevant when working in crowded places.

    • Navigation

      This mode is not included in the basic configuration and requires pre-setting the navigation map.

      When moving in the navigation mode, robot will move between pre-set points in a certain or random sequence. For each point, you can specify the action performed when it is reached.

  • Guided movement

    In this mode, the robot is controlled remotely using a joystick or telepresence service. For example, if the robot needs to be moved to another place.

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