How the robot communicates

Promobot is using communications core: a huge linguistic base allows the robot to support a conversation on any topic, not only for the prepared in-advance questions and speech modules. The developed core of synonyms makes it possible to recognize a request in a chaotic sequence of words in an unstructured sentence.

Linguistic base (Lingvobaza) – a database containing a set of rules and phrases used as a response of the robot to certain phrases or events.

Additional phrases allow the robot not only to respond to a specific user request, but also to “navigate” the dialogue towards the right direction. It fills in the pauses with compliments and jokes.

The system of “anchors” allows the owner of the robot to create complex dialogues and implement their own sales scripts. One of our patented developments: service of the linguistic base of the robot. It allows, in addition to the aforementioned functions, to respond to requests as adequately as possible thanks to the multi-level structure.

The linguistic base consists of the following levels:

    • The first level of the linguistic base. At this level, there are answers to questions that are related to the activity direction. Particularly: “Where to find?”, “How to buy?”How much?”, “What are the discounts?”and so on
    • The second level of the linguistic base. It stores answers to common questions, namely: “How are you?”, “What are you doing?”, “Tell a joke” and other
    • Should the robot not find an answer at the first or the second level, it searches the Internet (the third level), where it uses various search engines and libraries. For example, for questions like “What is a synchrophasotron?”, “Who is the President of Turkey?”, “What’s the weather like now?” the robot is looking for answers on the Internet.
    • If a visitor says something unclear, for example: “Abracadabra simsalabim”, the robot pronounces the topic switch phrase , and then adds an additional phrase, for example: “Your statement is magnificent. Have you heard about our new discounts?”

Also, the service allows the robot to use multimedia to compliment its responses. Additionally, it is possible to configure the pronunciation of promotional phrases, their frequency, playback conditions, for example, only for men/women or for persons of a certain age.

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