Story of the INPK Business Group

In August 2017 the first robot concierge in Russia appeared in the design of the TeslaDom apartment house. This has become a bright newsbreak in the Russian and international media space. Hundreds of media have written about us, we received a lot of calls from journalists. The TeslaDom project became the finalist of the Urban Awards 2017 in the “Innovation” nomination. All this naturally led to interest from buyers. Отзывы Promobot

When we thought about using the robot in sales, we studied all the manufacturers in Russia and abroad. Conceptually, Promobot met our requirements for 100% as a robot for promotional activities. Clear focus on a specific type of activity. Still, we live in a world where narrow specialization is the key to success, and the position “I can be a jack of all trades” leads to being a “master of none”. Having worked with the robot, we realized that it is able not only to sell apartments, but also to fully replace a concierge.

The robot concierge is almost the same as the more familiar human concierge. The main task of our robot is to help to the management company to communicate with the people, who live in the house. Residents are aware of the meetings and topical issues of management of the house from the robot. And it is informed about their problems. Promobot, in turn, as soon as possible notifies the management company. Everything is fixed on the video, to avoid – “I was not told” or “I do not remember.” And this works for both sides. Now everything will be transparent and understandable.

Our company – INPK Development, realizes development projects in all segments of the market – from private houses in own cottage settlements to multistorey complexes. We build classics and modernity, build on experience and introduce innovations into our projects. Definitely there is no future without robot concierges and we will continue to cooperate with Promobot. But the most pleasant thing is that we were the first!

Timur Zakharchenko
Head of Sales Department, INPK Business Group