Story of Sibpromstroy

Sibpromstroy is a construction company engaged in housing construction in such cities as Surgut, Belgorod, Khimki, as well as in the urban settlement of Andreevka (Moscow region). Robot Promobot works in our sales department it does not let anyone get bored.

Отзывы Promobot

It helps very much – entertains visitors while they wait for their sales manager, talks about the developer and promotions. Of course, some are frightened and embarrassed to talk to it, someone on the contrary starts talking about everything in the world. The administrator won’t be distracted from other responsible tasks. And visitors are not nervous about waiting.

It does not need to be watched as it moves independently, drives around obstacles, if it sees a man, it stops, so as not to hurt him.

With it you can talk about anything: from stocks to apartments and weather to philosophical subjects, for example, what is love.

The robot is pleasant to visitors, it inspires confidence in itself and the company. It cheers people up with its jokes and compliments. People, after communicating with it, expect that we offer a good, modern product, and we, in turn, justify these expectations.

Victoria Savchenko
Administrator of sales office of Sibpromstroy legal agency