Story of the shopping mall “Coliseum”

One of the first Promobots appeared in the Colosseum trade center. Then, in 2015, it was something incomprehensible. First everyone walked around it and took pictures, people specially came from other areas to see it.

Promobot tells our customers about the departments of our shopping center, promotions and discounts, helps with navigation. We do not need a live administrator to provide advice, securities are not distracted by visitors, they ask the robot.

Отзывы Promobot

It works in an autonomous mode, goes around on the first floor, approaches to people, starts a conversation.

It tells visitors about our departments, product range and promotions, and also supports a regular conversation about the weather, jokes and compliments.

At the end of the conversation, it will certainly invite you to look into one of the departments. We constantly develop new jokes and phrases, congratulations are added at the holidays, so it’s always interesting to talk with it.

Отзывы Promobot

It is much easier to work with the robot: it combines the functions of a promoter and administrator. As a result, we save on hiring two human employees. The robot does not get tired and does not stutter. People approach it, and people are much more loyal to its ads than to flyers, which have to be taken from the hands of the promoter.

Dinara Mankova
Deputy Director. Trade center “Colosseum”, Perm